A Night with the King of the Lions

Saturday July 26, 2008. Kelly and I have been waiting since Valentine's Day when our husbands presented us with tickets to The Lion King

We are at the Kennedy Center to see a fabulous production of "The Lion King"
Here is Grant "popping a wheelie" with the wheelchair while I am still in it!


We ate at Maggiano's. It was, as usual a glorious spread.


Nancy Clark said...

Looks so fun! Thanks for all the great updates; keep it up!

Jolie said...

What a fun evening. I always wanted to see the Lion King. I will be missing you guys at the reunion. Love you!

Jewels Rules said...

Oh my gosh did you absolutely love it?? Ash and I and the Warners went to see it as well and I absolutely loved it. I thought it was such an amazing show.

Bob and Vonnie said...

Dear Margaret,
Somehow I lost your personal e-mail. But through Facebook, Nancy and her blog (my thoughts and prayers are with them) I found your blog. But what happened on June 24? Why are you in a wheel chair? I am glad to see you still smiling, as usual, whatever is the case. We are enjoying Brazil. Bob is branch president in Torres. Flash back to Holland Michigan, but 25 years older and no car and paralelipippidos and trying to speak Portuguese. São Paulo sent us 63 records yesterday that must have come from a lost person file. We had been trying to visit all of the 85 families we had on the branch list, and had gotten to about 45 families (on foot, mostly). We must have stirred a pot, because when we found forwarding addresses, we were sending the records out of the branch. We came home and read II Corinthians 4:8-9. Well, I guess this isn´t really a comment on your blog post, but I wanted to communicate with you. We love you and your family. God bless everyone. Love, Vonnie

Whitney said...

Sister Worth,

I found your blog through Nancy's (just found hers) and can't believe that Karen is already home from a mission. Time sure does fly! Leia Costa Hillan, Libby Meyer Hammond, Barbara Smith Banks, and I all got together a few weekends ago in Las Vegas for a great reunion of mission friends (I posted about it on my blog). We reminisced about our good ol' days in Brazil. Hope all is well with you and your family. A big hello to Pres. Worth, as well.

- Whitney (Morgan) Seamons

Adam and Michelle Bradbury said...

Hey sister Worth, google sure makes this a small world. Check your @theworths.org email, Love Elder Bradbury

Anonymous said...

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