Did you see Karen?

Karen, made a surprise visit to SLC for the joint b-day party (See Nancy Clark's earlier blog.)

A great time was had by all.

Aunt Karen enjoyed visiting many of her neices and nephews (too numerous to mention).

Ya Baby. See ya soon!!!!!


To knee or not to knee

Today was surgery day for Grant.

We ended up waiting two and a half hours beyond the scheduled time. (The Doc had a complication in his prior surgery.) Grant took advantage of the time. Even in the room designed for his pre-ops he was still tethered to his computer.

Dr. Marcus wanted to be sure we got a photo of his red sox cap.

Surgery took about 45 minutes, recovery about 2 hours.

Home at last.



I can tell I am not a "seasoned blogger". How do I know? I had my camera with me for the whole exciting weekend that Stephanie and Steve were here and I did not take a single picture of them. Stephanie came to Manassas on Thursday while Steve was in class. Nancy came to visit with her three cute children and Richard dropped in for a quick lunch. Naomi enjoyed so much getting acquainted with her new friend Stephanie. When Richard arrived Naomi called out "come here daddy there is someone here you have to meet." This brought explanations of how Stephanie and Richard are like Naomi and Asher. That is obviously a concept for a later time-she simple did not get it. Sylvia Suhaka visited in the afternoon. I remembered to take a picture of Kevin and Kelly when they came that evening but Stephanie had already gone back to DC. On Saturday we had lunch at Richard's and Nancy's where Steve was able to join us for a short time on his way to the airport. It was great to see him even if it was short. We sat around reading and enjoying Chris' blogs. I had the camera with me but I still forgot to snap it-luckily Nancy took a picture or two. Stephanie stayed over Saturday night taking advantage of a cheaper airline ticket. So we all joined up that evening at Macaroni Grill. Once again I took my camera but did not take any pictures. So I am thinking I am just halfway there to being a seasoned blogger. In the future in addition to taking the camera with me I will try to remember to use it. Anyway we all had a great time. I can attest to the fact that Steve and Stephanie look great even though I don't have photos to prove it. (BTW when I say we all got together that includes Kevin, Kelly, Dad, Richard, Nancy, Stephanie and myself and Steve, Naomi, Asher and Isaiah for lunch as well.)


Sidni Worth baptized July 1, 2007

We visited in Ohio for a very special occasion. Sidni Worth was baptized by her grandfather King Reed and confirmed by her father Bryan. It was a wonderful event and we were so thrilled to be able to attend. I understand from Anna that Sidni was allowed to choose the items for the refreshments. (This girls should go into the catering business don't ya think?) We thoroughly enjoyed the peanut butter sandwiches and the veggie and fruit plates but the hit was definitely the cucumber sandwiches. They were to die for believe me! Most of the women were asking Anna for the recipe.

I am wondering if there is a time when you have ever provided a caption or description to a picture for the sake of making it funny? Cartoonists do this all the time. They use a picture that lends itself to becoming comical by it's description or caption. You can turn this into a fun game if you have a sense of humor. I am not a skilled photographer and thus I end up producing pictures that are ideal for just such a situation. When I went to post my pictures of Sidni's baptism I found I had once again taken some photos (not all but some) falling into the category just described. So I decided to post them along with some good ones and give you a chance for some fun. Gather the family around and see what you all can come up with as captions for these photos. If you care to submit them in a comment we could get a contest going. Perhaps Chris could garner enough points to put him back on our Christmas list. (Well, maybe just the Christmas card list, if he tried really hard.) Anyone care to take the challenge? Just number the pictures starting below with Anna's mother as # 1.


Pictures from the 4th of July

I realized that I have not finished posting the photos of our trip to PA/Oh the first part of July. Rog and Grant finished the floor in the Kitchen minutes before Bryanna arrived with their kids and the new puppy.

Chelsea and the girls came swimming at our Hotel.
I have more pictures to post but I can't get the sytem to open anymore. And I have this big space, which may look different when I acually publish this so I am going to stop now and call it good before I get frustated.

Bryan and Rog fixed a window.

Roc played with the new puppy while Anna played outside with the kids