Who's Who and What's What? Part 3

For an explanation of this post seeWho's Who and What's What? part 1 published earlier

Who's Who and What's What? part 2

Who's Who and What's What? Part 1

I love the "blog" because it is so easy to send and view pictures! I received a number of pics from my family recently . Pics of their kids, their family photos their activities etc. I am going to just publish some of them here-without explanation and let you decide "who's who?" and "what's what?"


April Photos Revisited

Easter in Pennsylvania 2007

Grant gave me a digital camera over a year ago hoping I would start taking pictures for once. The first time I ever used it was when we took our spring break and went to Roger and Chelsea's to help with the remolding of their kitchen . Their camera was not working at the time so I offered to snap a few pics. That was April, it is now June and I have never even looked at the pictures. I tried to view them once and couldn't seem to figure out how. I was so distraught, I thought I had lost them all. Come to find out I was looking at the pics in my cell phone and didn't realize it. (I AM DEFINITELY technologically challenged!) Anyway with the help of Nancy who has taught me all I need to know about blogging, Richard who taught me how to download the photos to the computer, Carl who walked me through the process of getting the photos from the computer to the blog and Kevin who helped me figure out how to format the pictures on the blog( thanks Kevin that was the hardest and most frustrating for me) I am now prepared to make my second post, this time with pictures, whew! These pictures of the remodeling effort sort of go in between Chelsea's before and after pictures that she posted in her first blog. You will probably recognize the kitchen window location in some of the pics.


APRIL, 2007

In the beginning......

Grant spent a few days pulling all new electrical wires which he loves to to do.

Insulating was next which Grant hates to do....

Roger and Chelsea stayed up late one night to put in the insulation.
Next comes the sheet rock.
Grant is using a pole to support a piece of plywood which in turn is keeping a 12 foot piece of sheet rock on the ceiling while roger prepares to secure it.

The next part everyone HATED ...

But it had to be done.

This ghostly appearance is sheet rock dust not aging.

Let's hear it for the remodeling team!!!

Don't forget to view Chelsea's first blog for great before and after shots.


hey you guys...wait for me

With Nancy Clark's help I worked long and hard (for me it was hard) yesterday to create a blog and write my first post only to have it deleted when I thought it was going to publish. (My bad). It doesn't bother me much except I felt it was absolutely erudite and now I can't even remember what it said. I will point out here two things about my faulty memory. One, everything I do remember is much better than it really was and two, the details of the event are lost never to be restored. For my children that is a good thing because I have only wonderful memories of you all growing up and details of it all are are either vague or forgotten. That is why we are encouraged to write journals for sure. Anyway, my title for this post " hey you guys...wait for me" is because I am so happy to have finally made it on board with a blog and I look forward to more in the future. As Karen always says in her letters to me "keep on keeping on."