Winter in March

Our first bonafide snowstorm of 2009 occured in the night of March first. It was heavy enough to make our neighborhood look like a winter greeting card.
We enjoyed it as school was canceled Monday and there was a two hour delay on Tuesday. Luckily the roads cleared off well but the snow still lingers heavy in the yard.
If they weren't so busy with school and work I imagine Kevin would be out there making a snow fort and Grant would be making a huge snowman. Here's to the beauty of winter snow (as long as you don't have to go outside!)


A Night with the King of the Lions

Saturday July 26, 2008. Kelly and I have been waiting since Valentine's Day when our husbands presented us with tickets to The Lion King

We are at the Kennedy Center to see a fabulous production of "The Lion King"
Here is Grant "popping a wheelie" with the wheelchair while I am still in it!


We ate at Maggiano's. It was, as usual a glorious spread.


My life before June 24, 2008

Last spring I was privileged to line dance with the "Happy Hoofers" and tap dance with the "Step Sisters" (red costume) in a talent show at the Senior Center where I practice with these two groups of outstanding women.

I generally "hide" on the back row.


More of my life before Trip to Portland

Made a trip to Portland visiting Carl and Steff's families. Went out for ice Cream as a specail treat for Hyrum. Saw Steve coaching Brooke's Basbetball practice
Celebrated Sara's birthday at her "puppy Party' and traditional trip to Red Robin.