Winter in March

Our first bonafide snowstorm of 2009 occured in the night of March first. It was heavy enough to make our neighborhood look like a winter greeting card.
We enjoyed it as school was canceled Monday and there was a two hour delay on Tuesday. Luckily the roads cleared off well but the snow still lingers heavy in the yard.
If they weren't so busy with school and work I imagine Kevin would be out there making a snow fort and Grant would be making a huge snowman. Here's to the beauty of winter snow (as long as you don't have to go outside!)


Jewels Rules said...

if I didn't see you every sunday at church I would think something would have happened to you.. It's been so long since you have posted anything..

chelsea said...

oh it is very pretty and very nice indeed when you don't have to go outside! we didn't get that much snow around here and i'm praying we won't until next winter rolls around, i'm ready for spring!

Jolie said...

I think we took all of your snow for the year if this was your first big storm. I never thought I'd be tired of the snow in Seattle since "it never snows in Seattle". We have a 2 hr. delay this morning. Craziness. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the pretty winter picture in March.

Anonymous said...

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