hey you guys...wait for me

With Nancy Clark's help I worked long and hard (for me it was hard) yesterday to create a blog and write my first post only to have it deleted when I thought it was going to publish. (My bad). It doesn't bother me much except I felt it was absolutely erudite and now I can't even remember what it said. I will point out here two things about my faulty memory. One, everything I do remember is much better than it really was and two, the details of the event are lost never to be restored. For my children that is a good thing because I have only wonderful memories of you all growing up and details of it all are are either vague or forgotten. That is why we are encouraged to write journals for sure. Anyway, my title for this post " hey you guys...wait for me" is because I am so happy to have finally made it on board with a blog and I look forward to more in the future. As Karen always says in her letters to me "keep on keeping on."


Nancy Clark said...

Mom!! You're here!!! I'm so glad to see this. I can't wait to read more. Love you!

Jolie said...

Hi Margaret, Loved to read your blog. So far I have only read everybody's, but can't find time to do one. I don't know how these moms do it! Anyway...love you! ~Jolie