Pictures from the 4th of July

I realized that I have not finished posting the photos of our trip to PA/Oh the first part of July. Rog and Grant finished the floor in the Kitchen minutes before Bryanna arrived with their kids and the new puppy.

Chelsea and the girls came swimming at our Hotel.
I have more pictures to post but I can't get the sytem to open anymore. And I have this big space, which may look different when I acually publish this so I am going to stop now and call it good before I get frustated.

Bryan and Rog fixed a window.

Roc played with the new puppy while Anna played outside with the kids


Nancy Clark said...

Mom- Thanks for posting these. I love seeing all the places/people/things that you get to see!

Kelly Jo said...

so fun!! those girls looks so cute swimming, gotta love it when grandma and grandpa get the hotel with the pool!