Whadda ya know?

Chelsea made the "homework" (she called it a tag) challenging when she suggested unknown and interesting facts; that has got to be an oxy-moron. I will go with 6 items about me and leave it at that.

l. I consider myself a "bag-lady" in that I am drawn to handbags, satchels, baskets, decorative boxes and all kinds of containers.

2. My husband and I do not know where we will go once we retire, but we have chosen our final resting place. (Oh, the place? Lund, Idaho along with Garienne, Adrienne, Garr and Adalia plans that as well)

3. I have a list of 100 things I want to do before my life is over, which I used to keep under my mattress, but which is now in a special folder on my computer.

4. I was on an ocean liner (sorta like the Love boat) returning to the U.S. from France. I met a cute boy, about my age. We went to the swimming pool and the movies together. I knew no French, he knew no English. "Love" is a universal language I guess (at least when you are 12). Let's reword that to say "puppy-love" O.K?

5. My only claim to near fame: in 1950 when I was six years old my brothers, Ken, Larry and I won a talent-find contest in Phoenix Arizona in which we did a tap dance routine. Along with wining a camera, a dog and a year's supply of dog food we had the privilege of performing on the TV show that sponsored the contest. Contestants returned every week, in an effort to retain their winning title. I recently mentioned to my brother Larry that I am once again taking tap lessons. He then told me something I had never known. The person who beat us out the next week when we performed was none other than Wayne Newton.

6.While in my last and final semester of college at BYU and just before graduating from the School of Nursing my instructor in Neurology (a tough subject for me) called me into her office and commented on my current grades. I was unaware that my grades were slipping; she inquired on the status of my current boyfriend (who later became my husband) and suggested I pay more attention to my schooling and less attention to him in order to improve my currently plummeting GPA. She then confided in me a fact of which I was entirely unaware: if this current dip in my grades were to go unchecked it would eliminate the possibility of me graduating as valedictorian of my class. (I had no idea that was even a remote possibility). The fact that I kept the relationship with my now wonderful husband and ignored my teachers advice suggests I chose the better part. At least I think so.


chelsea said...

I didn't know any of those things about you.... just think had the cards fallen your way, you and your brothers could have been the headlining act in Vegas for the past 3 or 4 decades!

Nancy Clark said...

Love the list, and even learned a few things... :)