...through the woods to Grandmother's house

Saturday was a spectacular event at our house with Jolie's four youngest girls and Richard's three children all visiting without their parents. We had a costume party in the basement and went trick or treating to two bedrooms and the office upstairs. Kevin did the photoshoot. Grandpa , Grandma and Kevin handed out the candy from the bedrooms/office. Audry was the costume director. A great time was had by all.

Celeste figured anything in a turban meant rolaty and that made her a queen.

This is Isaiah in disguise and Grnadma posing as a grnadma

Asher followed Kevin around like a shadow. He wasn't happy with anyone but Kevin.

Naomi is "pretending to be a pinceess" Her princess costume is at home and this was the only decent substitute she ould find.

In honor of Kevin and Kelly's sealing in the Temple last week, Audrey and Sophia Posed as Groom and Bride respectively. Sophia is at normal height-believe it or not.

This is Audrey posing as a midget runnaway bride? yuppie vagabond?



Jolie said...

I love the pics, thanks for the sneek peek before we left on Sat. The kids had a blast, they can't stop talking about all the fun they had. Thank you so much for having them. Love you!!

Nancy Clark said...

Mom, This makes me feel homesick for you, and a little jealous... Looks so fun, and all the kids are so cute!

Kelly Jo said...

I'm sorry I missed most of the fun but glad I could come in on the tail end!!