Step Sisters

I recently read an article which lead me to believe that I am doing something right anyway.

1. Focus on the Positive
2. Look in the Mirror & Smile
3. Exercise & Eat Healthy
4. Transform Jealousy into a Desire to Achieve
5. On Bad Days, Focus on What's Good About You
6. Don't Be Afraid to Push Yourself
7. DANCE!!!
8. Learn from Mistakes & Let Go!
9. Surround Yourself with Positive, Loving Friends
10. Don't Confuse What You Have With Who You Are!

The above photo is proof that I have positive loving friends with whom I DANCE!

I started tapping with the Step Sisters in the middle of November. Thanks to special tutoring from Stacy Worth (while I was visiting in Oregon). I was able to be included in their first preformance in January-hence this photo. We will dance to the music All That Jazz (from Chicago) in a talent show in April.

Let's hear it for buiding self confidence one STEP at a time.


Jolie said...

You are awesome! I love to hear about your dancing. Sounds like you are loving every minute too!

Nancy Clark said...

You all look great! I wish I could see you perform!

Jewels Rules said...

I love that you tap dance.. I think it is so awesome and you have to keep us posted when your recital will be in april so we can attend..