Take a look back

I was afraid this would happen but did not know how to rectify it so you will just have to bear with me. I started a post the day after Thanksgiving showing the costumed photo-shoots that we had such fun with on Thanksgiving day. I finished that post Monday Dec 3rd. Granted it took me awhile, but at least I finished it and one with more football shots. However, if you only read the posts on the Worth's blog page you will probably never see them as they appear in chronological order from when they were started and a lot has been posted since then. You can see these fabulous photos of many interesting people on "Look who's here" and "More Football." If you read these posts on my very own page-no problem. Or you can scroll down a zillion pages. I did not want you to miss them as some of them are of you and all of them are worth viewing. I think, but then I'm prejudiced. Enjoy!

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