More Football

I found in my files more really good photos that Grant (AKA Dad and Grandpa) had taken of the Turkey bowl that I decided to publish them as well. It is so fun seeing someone getting away from others chasing them. There were at least three 99 yard touchdowns during that game. (According to some of the players). Emily pursued by Reed and Kyle
Kyle running to catch a pass from Kevin. Dustin, Emily pursuing. Roger just standing there? (JK, Rog).
Aiden enjoying getting out of the reach of Kevin and Kyle.
Everyone, including Dustin, Aiden and Bryan watched to see if Kyle could complete that interception. Wow did he try!
Beautiful pass by Kyle. Look at that form!

Kyle and Aiden, looks more like Line Dancing than football, do ya think?

Richard, Kyle , Roger and Dustin getting ready for the 1, 2, 3, HUUT! Bryan, Roc Reed and Kevin getting ready for the defense? (Is that what you call it?)
A great time was had by all, if you missed it then we MISSED YOU!!!!

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